Sign-up is NOT Required to attend this event!
- You may also add yourself to our email list without signing up for the event - email list located here.

The sign-up list will be used to help us get an estimate of the number of attendees. If you plan on attending we would appreciate if you would take the time to add yourself to our sign-up list. As noted that is entirely optional so don't let it stop you from attending! The two signup boxes below allow you to specify that you will participate in a round of the Epic Croquet Game or that you will simply attend the event. Once again, neither is required.

If you do indicate that you plan to participate in the Croquet Game, you may also sign up to our email list (located here). If you do subscribe to our list, any new information concerning the rules, expectations, etc, will be sent to you by email, eliminating the need to keep checking the website. The email list will also be used to send out two reminders of the upcoming event. The first reminder will be sent eight days before the event, and the second reminder will be sent three days before the event, even if there are no new updates. The email list is maintained for this site/event only, it will never be used for any other purpose, and every email will contain an un-subscribe link.

Note: the event start order will start with those that have signed up and indicated that they will participate in the Croquet Game in the order received. Next will be those that signed up without indicating that they would participate, again in the order received. After that it will be first come, first served. The above order is, of course, dependant on your being in attendance at the time your Croquet round starts :).

1 - Select the first signup box if you just wish to indicate that you will be attending and that you either will not participate in a round of the Croquet Game, or are undecided.

2 - Use the second, lower signup box if one or more of your family/group expect to participate in the Epic Game. Enter all those attending. Check the Play box for those that will participate in the Epic Croquet Game, leave it blank for those that will just be attending.

Attending Only - May or may not enter a round of the Epic Croquet Game & don't care about position to start:
Adults:             Children
(under 10):

Attending, save my/our position. If entering a child in the run, you must also include an adult runner. Check the Play box for those that will play, leave blank for those that will only observe.
Play? Child? Name

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